How to Buy Dogecoin in Canada with ShakePay and Binance [Tutorial]

Dogecoin buy canada

Are you just waking up to the Dogecoin cryptocurrency hype? A legion of online investors has been plunging into the cryptocurrency that started as a joke, after Tesla CEO Elon Musk continues to pump up the coin with cryptic tweets.

Dogecoin has the face of a Shiba Inu dog, derived from the “Doge” meme and was invented by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer back in December 2013.

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The so-called fun and friendly coin has since skyrocketed as followers of Musk and cryptocurrencies, in general, have hopped onto the bandwagon.

How to Buy Dogecoin in Canada with ShakePay and Binance

This is just one method that works to buy Dogecoin in Canada that is simple and fast and involves funding a Montreal-based ShakePay online wallet, then sending money over to Binance to purchase Dogecoin.

1. Sign up for ShakePay here—get $10 free when you buy your first $100 in Bitcoin or Ethereum (the referral was $30, but has dropped; some are saying you can still get $30).

CleanShot 2021 04 16 at 13 12 38

2. After verifying your ShakePay account, deposit an Interac e-transfer to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum. In the ShakePay app, tap ‘Add funds’ and then Interac e-Transfer and following the instructions.

CleanShot 2021 04 16 at 14 18 45

3. While you’re waiting, click here to sign up for a Binance account and save 5% on fees, then verify your identity to complete the set up. In the Binance mobile app, tap your profile icon in the top left, and enable ‘Binance Lite’ for a simpler app to use.

CleanShot 2021 04 16 at 13 30 24

4. Once funds are in your ShakePay account, send them to Binance. Launch the Binance iOS app, tap the ‘wallet’ icon in the bottom right, then tap ‘Deposit’:

CleanShot 2021 04 16 at 13 32 29

5. Next, type in either Bitcoin or Ethereum, depending on which cryptocurrency you purchased in ShakePay. If you bought Bitcoin, choose BTC. Ethereum, choose ETH.

CleanShot 2021 04 16 at 13 35 12

6. From here, tap the ‘copy’ icon below to copy your BTC address to your clipboard, then go back to the ShakePay app.

CleanShot 2021 04 16 at 13 36 39

7. Within the ShakePay app’s main screen, tap ‘Send’ as seen below:

CleanShot 2021 04 16 at 13 41 08

Next, you’ll see the BTC address from Binance in your clipboard will be shown below. Tap ‘Select from clipboard’:

CleanShot 2021 04 16 at 13 39 15

Enter in the BTC amount you want to send. You may want to use Google to calculate exactly how much Bitcoin you want to send.

If it’s the entire amount in your ShakePay account you deposited, tap “MAX”.

CleanShot 2021 04 16 at 13 49 40

8. From here, ShakePay will ask you to confirm your transaction by checking your email, to authorize the send. Check your email, open the ShakePay email and confirm it on the web. Sending Bitcoin to Binance may take up to 20 minutes or so. If you are sending Ethereum, it appears to be much faster.

You can track your transaction on the blockchain to see its status. Inside ShakePay, tap on your BTC or ETH wallet, depending on which one you used to send. You’ll see the transaction history—just tap the area below:

CleanShot 2021 04 16 at 13 57 11

A pop up will show your confirmation details of what you just sent to Binance. Click ‘view on the blockchain’ to see your transaction on the web (full of cryptocurrency blockchain nerd-speak):

CleanShot 2021 04 16 at 13 59 20

9. Once your BTC or ETH arrives in your Binance wallet, you’ll see your balance when you tap the wallet tab. Now, if you’re still following along, you need to convert your BTC or ETH into another cryptocurrency first, before you can buy Dogecoin.

Click the middle menu icon with the arrows as seen below in the Binance app…

CleanShot 2021 04 16 at 14 03 30

…then tap ‘Convert’:

CleanShot 2021 04 16 at 13 54 20

From here, you will convert your BTC or ETH into BUSD (Binance USD). Select BTC or ETH in the ‘From’ drop down menu. In the ‘To’ drop down menu, pick BUSD:

CleanShot 2021 04 16 at 14 06 50

The next menu should show from BTC to BUSD…then tap ‘Confirm’:

CleanShot 2021 04 16 at 14 08 27

10. From here, tap ‘Max’ if you want to convert all your BTC to BUSD. Essentially, BUSD allows you to buy a variety of alt coins such as Dogecoin, whereas just BTC or ETH cannot. Use an online BTC to BUSD calculator if you’re trying to find a specific amount to send:

CleanShot 2021 04 16 at 14 09 54

11. Now, you can FINALLY buy Dogecoin. To do so, just perform the same conversion step above, but for the ‘From’ menu, choose BUSD and for the ‘To’ menu, choose Dogecoin.

Again, use a conversation calculator on the web from BUSD to DOGE to figure out a specific amount to convert, or tap ‘Max’:

CleanShot 2021 04 16 at 14 13 40

After you complete this last step, you now are an owner of Dogecoin, and can finally sleep at night knowing you didn’t miss the boat, while boasting about your new cryptocurrency gamble to your friends. Again, this is just one way of buying Dogecoin in Canada.

A great way to track your cryptocurrency price targets is to use the Yahoo Finance app, as you can set custom push notifications for specific price alerts, should you need to liquidate your portfolio or ‘buy on the dip’. Now enjoy the ride to the moon, folks.

Disclosure: ShakePay and Binance are affiliate partners of iPhone in Canada, and links above may allow for commissions earned. The instructions above are for educational purposes only and is not financial advice—invest at your own risk.

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