Much Wow: Slim Jim Has an Official Dogecoin Strategy

Smoked meat stick vendor Slim Jim has an actual official dogecoin strategy. And it appears to be working, big time.

The social media-savvy snack food saw its Twitter follower count increase 160% and tweet impressions soar to the moon (35 million impressions in 25 days) after it began engaging in Shiba Inu meme coin content last quarter, according to the CEO of parent company Conagra Brands.

“We’ve seen a marked uptick in audience interaction, including direct engagement and advocacy from the person [who] created dogecoin,” CEO Sean Connolly said on Conagra’s April 8 earnings call. 

He credited the dogecoin community with “playing a large part” in delivering Slim Jim the ultimate win in Adweek’s March Madness-themed brand face-off earlier this month. 

The callout, apparently the first time dogecoin has ever been featured in an earnings call, and certainly the first instance of a public company deploying a bona fide strategy around DOGE (no, Elon’s memes don’t count), highlights how dogecoin has become a serious business while staying true to its roots as an objectively ridiculous meme coin.

The infinitely inflationary early bitcoin spin-off rocketed to new all-time highs amid a broad crypto-market rally that preceded Coinbase’s Nasdaq listing on Wednesday. DOGE is now trading above 10 cents for the first time in its history, a fact Slim Jim’s social team does not want its audience to forget.

Connolly said Slim Jim’s community “is built on memes,” which, as it happens, is dogecoin’s base, too. The dogecoin army relentlessly pumps its favorite crypto with memes on memes. Since March, some of those memes have come from Slim Jim.

Connolly indicated the moon is not enough for Slim Jim; it will not let up until it reaches Mars.

“We’re excited about this, and you should be on the lookout for additional crypto-themed activations in the future,” he said.

Slim Jim’s Twitter account did not respond to DMs.

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