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Dogecoin – DOGECOIN : Meme OR Investment Material

In today’s world memes decide who are you; they can take you over the moon or can blot your copybook. Dogecoin is one such example of it. It is one of the most popular cryptocurrency and is also one of the famous meme material in today’s time. Released in 2013, it became a main form of cryptocurrency. Today it has caught a wave which has made it popular and it’s price has gone much higer than the expectations. Before it’s release no one knew that this meme trend would go on to become a popular cryptocurrency. Dogecoin going to the moon can come true as it has the potential seeing the condition of the market.

Now the question is whether:

1) It is a safe investment option or not?

2) Why it is so hyped that people are running behind it?

We will answer all your questions here but before that we are giving you the names of platform from where you can invest in the dogecoin.

1) Gemini: To buy, sell and trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies with spot rates.

2) HYCM : It offers a large set of cryptocurrencies and allows you to trade at a fixed rate.

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium to exchange where in individual coin ownership records are stored in a ledger in a form of computerised database. 

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In recent times it is considered as a successful cryptocurrency and has become the tenth largest in the world with net worth of more than many companies.The current value of dogecoin is $0.057 (4.13 rupees in Indian Currency) and is expected to touch $1 (72.48 rupees in Indian Currency) by the end of 2021 which will make it as a leading face of cryptocurrency. It has also registered a record-breaking growth of 1600% from the start of January 2021. We can say that Dogecoin going over the moon mission is already on the way. The success of it is most probably due to the meme community which has given it a special recognition. The true value of Dogecoin lies in its strong and vibrant community that was sprung up around it. From 2021 it has seen a major price surge . The most important thing about the Dogecoin is that it is inflationary which means that there is no maximum limit to number of coins in circulation.

One can say that the future of Dogecoin is bright and successful but these predictions can get wrong sometimes too. However, the investment in it is still considered to be little riskier. Though it is leading the charts but if someone wants to be on the safe side then he/she should consider other cryptocurrency. But the people who are fond of taking risks can invest in it as there is a saying “Risk hai to Ishq hai” which means if you want some golden days then you need to be ready for some rough patch too. So overall one can say that the future of Dogecoin is bright and can be a investment that people are looking for.

Dogecoin – DOGECOIN : Meme OR Investment Material

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