Elon Musk is Having Second Thoughts on Selling His Techno Song About NFTs for 420 Million Dogecoin

It may be an elaborate game of ‘The price is right’ or it may just be Elon Musk not wanting to jump into the ongoing NFT gold rush at the moment.

Musk on Tuesday announced on Twitter that he’s selling a new electronic music track he appears to have produced as an NFT. In simpler words, he’s selling a song about non-fungible tokens, as a non-fungible token.

Musk did not include a link to the NFT, so was not clear if it was already live or if Musk plans to initiate the sale at a later date. It’s also was not clear on which platform Musk intends to sell the NFT – but he already had potential buyers.

The billionaire did share a looping video attached to the tweet Musk posted on the news. The video displays the words “Vanity Trophy” orbiting around a golden orb affixed to the top of a literal trophy reading “HODL” short for the phase “hold on for dear life.”

Musk’s potential buyer was digital artist Beeple who just sold an NFT himself. They may have even found a deal – where Musk asked for 420 million dogecoin – and Beeple agreed.

But now Musk may be having second thoughts. “Actually, doesn’t feel quite right selling this. Will pass,” wrote Musk on Twitter.

Musk’s video’s featured ‘HODL’. But it is more than just a word Musk made up for his music video: The acronym while believed to have potentially originated as a drunken misspelling of the word ‘hold,’ is both online slang and a kind of rallying cry for the bitcoin community, for encouraging crypto-enthusiasts not to sell their cryptocurrency tokens.

Elon Musk’s girlfriend, Grimes also recently launched and, within minutes, sold her digital art collection for $5.8 million. The art collection was titled ‘WarNymph’ and released on February 28, and sold for $5.8 million (Rs 424,891,760). The 10 artworks on the block were auctioned off within 20 minutes.

On Grimes announced the sale of her crypto art on Twitter via non-fungible tokens or NFTs on the Nifty Gateway platform. NFTs, which operate as a unique type of digital asset or token, have contributed to the crypto-art market which is valued at over $100 million.

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