Will Coinbase Add Dogecoin to Its Supported Cryptocurrencies for Trading?

Dogecoin is the whimsical digital peer-to-peer currency represented by the Japanese dog breed Shiba Inu. Dogecoin has grown in popularity since its creation in 2013. Although the cryptocurrency started somewhat as a joke, based on the meme of the Shiba Inu, it’s now used by a growing community for payment and tipping on things like online content.  

New coins on Coinbase

In December 2020, Coinbase added several new coins to its vault. NuCypher, Curve, REN, wBTC, tBTC, and DFI Money are new coins supported by Coinbase Custody.  

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NuCypher, Curve, Ren Protocol, and DFI Money are DeFi tokens. The other two added in December, wBTC and tBTC, are “wrapped” Bitcoin tokens, which enable spending of Bitcoin on Ethereum’s DeFi apps. 

Other recently added tokens to the Coinbase vault are Filecoin, Polymath, and Serum. The newly added tokens or coins don’t mean everyone can trade with them. They are listed in the Coinbase Custody service, which is a place for institutional investors to store their cryptocurrencies.  

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Two recently listed tokens for trading on Coinbase are Polygon and SushiSwap, both are less popular than dogecoin, which is disappointing for dogecoin community members who want to see the cryptocurrency become more commonly traded.  

Coinbase announced in May 2019 that it would support dogecoin, but only for secure storage and not on its trading platform.   

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