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Here are all the Dogecoin Game Jam winners

Here are all the Dogecoin Game Jam winners


The Dogecoin Game Jam is now officially over and the winners have been announced. Please take a look.

Dogecoin has seen quite a few headlines over the past few months and recently, the cryptocurrency’s original creator, Billy Markus decided to put together a Dogecoin-inspired game jam where developers could hop in and share their love for the doge through gaming. Well, the Dogecoin Game Jam has officially come to an end and Markus has announced the winners.

Story of Shiba - Dogecoin Game Jam entry
A screenshot from Story of Shiba, just one of 35 entries made in the Dogecoin Game Jam.

As mentioned in our PSA earlier this week, the Dogecoin Game Jam had a few different merits for voting winners for its different categories. The categories included Overall Winner, Most WOW, Most Absurd, Most Fun, and Most Doge.

Games in the jam included an assortment of genres like endless runners, side-scrollers, and even an N64-like adventure game where players take control of a doge. Now, let’s take a look at the winners as shared by Markus on Reddit. Here’s the complete list:

You can click the links above to check out each game yourself. I tried a few of them out before when voting was open, and they’re all fun in their own ways.

Markus also included a few honorable mentions. Markus’ honorable mentions include the following games:

Of course, far more entries than just these were included in the Game Jam, with a total of 35 games being submitted before voting began. You can check out all of the Dogecoin Game Jam games by heading over to itch.io.

It’s really cool to see Markus bringing so much attention to game developers using Dogecoin, especially in light of how much attention the cryptocurrency has been getting as of late.  If you haven’t already, and you want to get in on the Dogecoin action, you can check out our guide on where to buy Dogecoin for some help finding vendors that sell it.

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