Dogecoin Is Undergoing A Serious Crisis While Trying To Recuperate |

Dogecoin seems to be in the spotlight again with its developers bringing out a newer protocol upgrade. Nonetheless, the cryptocurrency company currently sits underneath a supply barrier which is currently preventing its prices from increasing.

Preparing Dogecoin for Mass Adoption

Dogecoin’s developers have finally hit upon their master plan- they have realized that they somehow need to upgrade the design of this cryptocurrency. This will allow them to get their bullish momentum once again- one that they were incredibly proud of at the beginning of 2021. Currently, a newer Core client for this cryptocurrency has been released which claims to be bringing in better improvements on the overall cryptocurrency. 

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Ross Nicoll, the lead maintainer of this ‘meme’ cryptocurrency, has stated that this upgrade is definitely intended to maintain the operational efficiency of the protocol, whilst making it feasible for the token to be used as currency. In an interview with Coindesk, the maintainer mentioned that despite this cryptocurrency regarded as a joke by most members in the market, they themselves are very careful about how the code is taken care of. Incidentally, the attention that Dogecoin saw was pretty resurgent, and it goes without saying that they do need to ensure that the cryptocurrency remains operational.

The newest Dogecoin Core 1.14.3 brings with itself a much-improved client synchronization speed, whilst significantly reducing the time taken to upload the blocks present in nodes. This update would also help in reducing the mempool caching time taken from 336 hours to 24 hours. Also, they would be aiming for negative transactions to take place in that mempool for a few minutes.

Yet, the recent developments that Dogecoin has brought forth is not really making its case in the cryptocurrency markets. 

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