Will Dogecoin Ever Be Capped? An Explanation of How Many Dogecoins Are Left

It seems unlikely that Dogecoin’s developers will place a cap on the currency. In response to a recent request calling for a cap to be introduced, Dogecoin developer Patrick Lodder wrote, “We, the developers, are not the Fed, we are not the [European Central Bank]; we do not meddle with any issuance. We are apolitical and we maintain an asset that has clearly advertised properties. One of those is a block subsidy of 10,000 DOGE per block. It is there because we, and those before us, believe that this is necessary for the security of the coin. If anyone promoted something different than what the coin actually does, or has been promising certain price points based on flawed mathematics, then these people should in my opinion be prosecuted where possible, and definitely not be granted a way out by our meddling with issuance.”

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