Cameron Grimes Got Rich Off Of GameStop Stock & Dogecoin While Injured

cameron grimes

Photo Credit: WWE Network

Cameron Grimes made his return to the ring during tonight’s NXT after being out since December following surgery. In his brief return, Grimes bragged about his escapades while being out, including cashing in on some very popular stocks.

Arriving at the arena in a fancy car, Grimes – sporting a wad of cash in his hand – proceeded to make his way down to the ring. Once there, he explained that he had begun playing video games while out, and ended up making his way down to GameStop in the process. After investing in the company, along with putting some money into Dogecoin, Grimes has found himself coming into a lot of money recently. What he plans to do with it is anyone’s guess, but he’ll be ready for wrestling again soon, and is feeling much more powerful as a result of his timely investments.

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