Cryptocurrency news: Celebrities and billionaires wey support Crypto like Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum

Billionaires wey endorse cryptocurrency

Nigeria Central Bank don memo wey remind pipo say dem don wash hand comot for cryptocurrency and anything wey gatz do wit virtual payment and say make all financial institutions stop dey use am for exchange still dey make pipo tok.

CBN believe say crypto no dey regulated and pipo dey use am do bad tins like money laundering and to sponsor terrorism.

Even though Nigeria no be di only kontri wey dey look crypto with side eye, some celebrities around di world for years now don show support to cryptocurrency as maybe di future currency of di world.

Dis na some billionaires and celebrities wey don show support for crytocurrency

Di founder of Microsoft na one di richest pipo for di world and pesin wey like to dey invest well-well. For inside one interview e do for 2014, he say Bitcoin beta pass currency as you no need to dey physically present to make transactions and e dey occur for transactions wey involve large money.

Apart from making electric cars and im plan to send pipo go Mars, Elon Musk like to dey tweet often im support of cryptocurrency.

Lionel Messi become di brand ambassador for one Israeli company Sirin Labs for late 2017.

Sirin Labs dey produce di world first crypto smartphone and, according to im Instagram handle, di footballer dey support am.

Ogbonge boxer for inside one tweet for 2017 say im dey spend bitcoins ethereum and other types of cryptocurrency for Beverly Hills. He also say make pipo call am Floyd Crypt Mayweather.

Mike Tyson produce Bitcoin ATMs, he also launch Bitcoin Wallet in collaboration wit Bitcoin Direct wit di same branding as di ATM.

Paltrow na another advocate of crypto — in fact, she be di face of bitcoin wallet, Abra, and she dey advise pipo on crypto.

Although e no clear how many albums he sell, Snoop Dog dey sell for Bitcoin

Based on bitcoin value today, he fit don earn roughly $1,000 per album. Di artists also appear for one XRP Community Night crypto party, according to di Coin Shark.

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