Emerging Token Offering Platform Accepts Dogecoin as a Payment for Its Unique Services

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / February 5, 2021 / Levolution (LEVL-BTC) (LEVL-USTD), listed on HitBTC,P2PB2B, and Changelly, will be accepting Dogecoin as a means of payment for services within its ecosystem, along with other major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Levolution platform is an innovative solution designed to provide entrepreneurs and organizations with all the necessary resources needed to successfully launch a token offering (STO, IEO, ICO).

The Levolution platform helps those who want to leverage the value of token offerings to build, develop, market, launch and optimize their project, regardless of their experience. This means every single step of launching a token offering can be done on the platform.

Dogecoin, a coin that arose from a popular meme in 2013, was primarily used to reward and tip quality content providers on Reddit and Twitter. Since then, Dogecoin has grown a massive following and has become a coin accepted by many merchants all over the world.

It’s important to note that behind the meme of a Shiba Inu is a token that has one of the lowest transaction fees and can be used for fast payment transactions, as a result of its astounding technology. Lately, Dogecoin has been heavily endorsed by Tesla’s Elon Musk and quickly became the most mentioned cryptocurrency on Twitter of all time, pumping the valuation of Dogecoin to over 6 billion USD.

Levolution has always been a quiet supporter of Dogecoin and the community behind it, now it’s Levoltion’s turn to give the little guy even more of a helping hand in shaking up the financial sector. After all, its goal is to provide its services to all those interested in raising funds by way of a token offering, whether it’d be an institution or an individual seeking an alternative method to raise funds. In light of recent news surrounding Robinhood, trading freezes, and the tug of war between hedge funds and retail, the Levolution team feels that supporting Dogecoin and its courageous community is the only logical choice.

Levolution is now accepting Dogecoin as a payment for services within its platform. This is a distinguished effort to help Dogecoin community members and other traders make a real difference in the financial market. Register to the Levolution Platform here.

The Levolution team is very optimistic about the future of the crypto space. The team is tirelessly working on new solutions that can bring blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies closer to the general public; with great confidence that mass adoption will come sooner than anticipated.

In addition to its token offering platform, Levolution is currently developing two other projects in an effort to build out its ecosystem. Those projects consist of a blockchain academy and a crypto exchange. As these projects near their completion Levolution may also consider accepting Dogecoin, along with other cryptocurrencies, as a form of payment for these services.

From helping users with tokenization and crowdfunding, educating the non-tech-savvy user on blockchain technology, to offering an exchange service intended to provide users with more security, lower transaction fees, and liquidity, Levolution’s ultimate goal is to bring traditional finance closer to the reality of cryptocurrencies that lie ahead.

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About Levolution

Levolution marries the latest blockchain technology with a groundbreaking token offering platform. Relying on social incubation and the team’s core internal competencies, the Levolution platform aims to help companies attack barriers to entry almost effortlessly. This is done by sourcing innovative strategies from community members and token offering participants. Through the Levolution platform, we will help those who want to leverage the value of token offerings, regardless of their experience. Levolution helps you build, develop, market, launch, and optimize your token offering project. Yes, every single step can be done on our platform. Check out the platform here.

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London N1 7GU
Great Britain

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