SMITE’s Such Cold Skadi skin goes on sale for limited time in response to Dogecoin hype

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If there are two things Hi-Rez knows how to do, it’s game design and meme.

If you’ve seen a ton of Doge meme’s this week, you’re not alone. Hi-Rez took notice and now Such Cold Skadi is available in the SMITE store for a limited time.

Players can currently buy the Such Cold Skadi skin for 800 Gems in the store. That means you can snag the skin for roughly $14.99. Usually, Such Cold Skadi is only available via random chance through chests.

The skin sale comes in response to Dogecoin surging in price throughout the week as part of the r/WallStreetBets brigade against Robinhood and hedge funds. After a collection of iron-willed armchair economic gurus stuck it to the man by driving up the price of GameStop stock, Robinhood (a stock trading app that claims to be pro-consumer) halted sales of GameStop stock temporarily.

This resulted in Reddit’s financial warriors shifting their assault temporarily to Dogecoin. As the price of Dogecoin surged, so did the memes and apparently, Hi-Rez took notice. The price of Dogecoin may go back down (and already has) but Such Cold Skadi will be in your collection forever.

You can snag Such Cold Skadi right now, but only for a limited time. If you’re a Skadi player, act fast.

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