If Dogecoin Hits $1, Gloomwood is Getting Bloodborne Inspired DLC

After the shenanigans of the Gamestop stock fiasco, Gloomwood devs say it will make Bloodborne-inspired DLC if dogecoin hits $1

Recently, the internet has been going crazy about the fiasco over Gamestop’s stock being hijacked by Reddit users. The news had such an impact that it reignited an interest in the Scorsese film The Wolf of Wall Street and prompted political commentator Jon Stewart to condemn Wall Street on Twitter. Now it seems as though trading and cryptopcurrency are on everyone’s lips as Gloomwood developer seems to want to get in on the act.

Taking to Twitter recently, a member of New Blood, the studio behind the horror FPS, has said Gloomwood will get some new DLC inspired by Bloodborne if the meme currency dogecoin hits $1. Specifically, the new content will be inspired by Blood’s Cryptic Passage and Bloodborne‘s The Old Hunters. New Blood’s game is already partly influenced by the horror action-RPG so DLC that has parallels to it does make sense.

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Dogecoin is a form of online currency similar to that of Bitcoin, and was created by developers at both IBM and Adobe. The name was inspired by the internet meme sensation “doge”. The coin was released in 2013 and experienced a brief period of notoriety, including being featured in Nascar 14 a few years ago, before interest in it seemed to subside. However, because of the recent Gamestop scandal, dogecoin saw its stock rise over 800% in just 24-hours, thanks in part to Reddit’s actions but also partly down to encouragement from Elon Musk.

Millions of people have taken to mining for cryptocurrency over the years, and it enjoys some degree of popularity, most likely due to it being an entirely online currency and eschewing the idea of a centralized banking system. Despite this, there are some controversies that follow in its wake. Just last year, Bitcoin scammers hacked into notable Twitter accounts, including those of Musk, and Bill Gates. On the other hand, Dogecoin doesn’t seem to have taken off to the same extent as Bitcoin, likely due to many people perhaps seeing it as a joke currency because of the name.

It’s unclear at this stage whether this new Gloomwood DLC will come to fruition or not or whether it will match Bloodborne‘s DLC content. While the devs seem keen on the idea, it’s worth mentioning that a full version of the game has yet to surface (only a demo is available at the moment). This doesn’t seem to have stopped fans, however, who are encouraging people to invest in the online currency in order to make this promise happen. Whether there will be more dogecoin-inspired ideas on the horizon from other studios remains to be seen.

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