Sharing A Positive Space With Mr. Mojis

Mojis Take The NFT World by Storm: Sharing Space With The Visionary Behind Mojis NFT

Emojis have become an integral part of our daily lives. From expressing emotions in texts to adding a pop of fun to our social media posts, these little pictograms are a universal language of their own. But what if I told you these little emojis are now becoming valuable assets in the world of NFTs?

Mr. Mojis (aka Cryptin) is the visionary creator and CEO of Moji NFT, a project based on the potential for emojis to bring people together and make an impact in the NFT world.

I remember the 1st time hearing about MOJIS NFT. I was in a Twitter space for another NFT project and they where introducing other up and coming NFT projects. Mr. Mojis got up on stage, and it was the first time I’d heard someone within the NFT space speak with such humility. He was so overwhelmed & grateful for all the love and positive support that he had recently be getting from the NFT community. Hearing the passion he had for his supporters and his project is what led me to being apart of the MOJIS community.

Very grateful I got a few minutes to speak with Mr. Moji, and dive into the story behind Moji NFT. As well as how it quickly became a must-have for art collectors, businesses, and fans alike. So, whether you’re a fan of emojis or just looking for a fun and unique way to invest in the world of NFTs, I’d like to introduce you to a positive vibe NFT collection.

The driving force behind the concept is an artist who use to be Sunday school teacher and pediatric nurse who goes by the name Mr Moji. His career paths have all been about helping people. He has worked with children for many years. Whole working with young minds he noticed that children have unrivaled creative freedom. This inspired him to bring that spirit to the NFT space. His experience as a nurse often involved him caring for children on ventilators, seeing firsthand how challenging life can be for those who fall through the cracks.

These were the drivers behind the uplifting Mojis NFT project. This is why I consider Mr. Moji a positive force in this industry.

He explains his goal, “was to create a unifying force in the NFT space,” which he felt was becoming increasingly fragmented with various NFT projects like your typical blue chip NFTs that divided communities instead of united. Looking for something to unify everyone, he felt emojis were the answer to this problem as they are “a universally recognized language and could connect people no matter where they are in the world, bringing every individual, regardless of their background, a chance to survive and a reason to smile.”

The concept of uniting businesses through Emojis also appeals to Mr Moji. “Instead of businesses competing against each other”, he believes that “they can find a common ground through their shared love of Emojis.”

Mr Moji and the Mojis team spent eight months hand-drawing over 7,000 emojis, resulting in an overwhelmingly positive response. People appreciated the emojis and saw them as a fun and creative way to bring unity to the NFT space, which was in stark contrast to what he had initially expected. He was pleasantly surprised with people easily and l immediately relating to them.

In his interview, Mr Moji reflected on the success of the Mojis NFT project, which has now grown into a large engaged community. He attributes this success to the unique and relatable nature of the emojis, which have brought people together and fostered a sense of community. He also expresses gratitude for the encouragement he has received from his supporters, which has motivated him to continue his work and make the Mojis NFT project even better. We also discussed Mojis fine art and creating fine art pieces that will come with a physical NFT.

Secrets To MOJIS Success

I wanted to know if there was a secret to the success of the project, and what Mr. Moji say as success. “The Mojis NFTs have brought people together and created a community that is inclusive, supportive, and appreciative of each other’s creativity,” he stated. It inspires other creators and shows what can be achieved when one combines passion and creativity with a willingness to help others.

Another secret that resonated with us both is practicing the law of attraction through Positive Affirmations.

CryptoCulture 2002 Tweet

He stated it’s played a significant role in his success. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr Moji found hope in affirmations and positive messages. We discussed our mutual support and understanding of the importance of mental health groups. He also expressed his appreciation of the daily messages I share in his mental health discord channel. 

Mr. Moji discuss how he uses these resources and tools to “create a positive vibration and attract positive things into his life, leading to a level of positivity that radiates into all areas of his life including work.” He aims to spread this positivity to all who need it through emojis.

What's MOJIS Motivation?

Future aspirations of Mojis NFT project is to set out to provide a unique platform allowing individuals to express themselves without using words.

Mojis is working on the ability to “customize NFTs with specific expressions, allowing users to choose the exact NFTs that best represent their emotions.” This is especially important for those who struggle with expressing themselves verbally, whether due to mental health issues or cultural norms. “The goal is to create a tool that can be used to start a conversation and help people reach out for support.” Mr Moji adds, “This is something that has not been done before, but the team is getting close to cracking the code.”

Mr. Mojis understands this NFT project has the potential to be bigger than your typical project. He has ambitions to use his platform and project to leave this world better than when he found it.

Working With Big Names

Mr Moji has collaborated with several individuals, athletes, businesses, and celebrities who have joined the team, including professional skaters Yvon Dro and Darrin “Cookiehead” Jenkins. In fact, Darrin gifted Tony Hawk his very own Mojis skateboards. “According to what Darrin told me, he loved it,” Mr Moji added.

He also drew emojis for popular businesses such as Wahoos Fish Taco and the San Francisco Giants, with more businesses expected to join in the future. The CEO of Wahoos Fish Taco was thrilled with Mr Moji’s idea of bringing businesses together, and the two are now working on getting apparel and flyers into 50 locations.

After receiving 12 of Mr Mojis creations, the San Francisco Giants asked him to make more as they plan to print them on cups and other merchandise in their arena.

What’s Coming Next?

In addition to his work with emojis, Mr Moji has also created Moji sculptures, which he is currently working on getting into galleries worldwide.

In his quest to create a brand that will last, he has been working on crafting the first pair of actual legit emoji shoes for the past four to five months.

On a mission to bring a smile into fashion, his unique approach of using emojis as a design element has captured the attention of many in the industry, and it continues to do so.

The Mojis brand is quickly becoming a household name and is expected to continue its growth and impact in the coming years. Through his hard work and dedication, Mr Moji has created a project that the NFT community can embrace, and his story is a testament to the power of creativity and hard work.

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