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Mojis Mindfulness With Giji

Mojis Mindfulness  With Giji

Mojis Mindfulness With Giji

Who Is Giji?

Twitter: Cats&Crypto
IG: jaybe_the_creator
Tiktok: .jbeee

Delivery driver by day
Yoga teacher/Degen by night

I’ve been in Web3 since Oct 2021, | understand the importance of Community, Communication & Transparency!In this space & project | hope to continue to build relationships with each of you! We are all in this space together so let’s make the most of it!

Specializes in:

  • Communicating effectively by only using gifs
    Shitting on ppl daily in #X | royal-rumble
  • Making memes that are mediocrely funny
  • Can touch my toes
  • Fluent in Sarcasm & Dark Humour

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Are you a Fountain or a Drain?

“Be a fountain, not a drain.” – Rex Hudler

I want to part of the collective that inspires people to grow. To always encourage to take a step back whenever needed. To never give up & to consistently try your best. This is all I could ever ask of you. & knowing that you are out there, making your own way, finding what works for you & creating balance & harmony in your own life will always be good enough for me. I like to see people winning, who remember to continue to smile even when the going gets tough. I appreciate that you remember what’s it’s like to be human, to experience setbacks, failures & hardships but that never stops you!

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Perception is 🔑

“A different language is a different version of life.” – Federico Fellini

Perspective is literally our ONLY tool we have that can help shape our Reality. & without Practice & Awareness around it, our Goals, Ambitions & Dreams are just words & wishes & our vision & energy is obstructed.

When we lose sight of this, all it takes to realign & get clear is to learn to see things differently. & when we practice this skill of what actually is another form of listening, the deeper & stronger that relationship becomes!

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The Space “In-Between.”

Last night I broke down crying in front of my partner. I felt so overwhelmed that I could not take anymore. These “pressures” that I tend to take on begin to get to me. I can’t keep up. It felt as though, that I could not seem to find the flow & every step I took in one direction added more & more pressure like I was about to be crushed by the weight of Life.

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3 Steps to Reclaim Your Power!

The Truth about Anxiety is that it deprives us from living in the moment (Present).

It literally takes us out of the present moment & moves us into fear about the future/past, from events that may or may not even happen, other timelines of regret & future/past mistakes & immobilizes our capacity & potential.

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Failure is ALWAYS an Option!

Throwback to 2013, when I learned the most important lesson in my life that I carry with me every single day. Way back in college & even before then, people had endeavours, plans & passions. A real solid sense of direction. Me I did not. I never knew what I wanted. I never knew what I wanted to pursue, I didn’t even ask myself these questions.

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The Man on the bench

My wife and I went on a walk yesterday after work. While strolling through one of the trails we stumbled across this man, weeping on the park bench. Instantly, the energy that I felt was that he was alone, that he was suffering and that clearly he was going through something and acknowledging what he was feeling and wasn’t in his ego about crying in public, in a park, mid day. He let that shit out, in that present moment he expressed himself which I think was in a very powerful way.

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🔑✌🏽🔓 Alignment

In my experience, alignment is Discipline. It is work, it is the belief that we are greater and stronger in who we are meant to be, than who we are today. I am speaking specifically about being aligned to your core values which later becomes alignment with your True Self.

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I Want it, I Bought it, Where is It!?

Entitlement VS Patience

We can’t want something & expect to have it right away. I’m not saying we are wrong for wanting something so quickly. What I’m saying is that, we attach ourselves to that feeling of having whatever desire it may be & expect it should happen when we WANT it to.

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Vulnerability Check Challenge

Often times when you post something positive or happy, people think you are bragging or that you want attention. But why does the same applies when you post about your struggles & hardships!? When you are posting & talking about REAL VULNERABILITY people think you are doing it for attention.

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It’s Called “Sexual Self-Healing!”

Why are we so quick to have so many people in & out of our lives but can’t find ONE person to reciprocate our energy?

One of the most powerful energy we can give someone is through sexual intercourse. It is a super powerful sensual energy that most people nowadays are unaware of & just throw it around like it’s nothing. 

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6 Tips to Get You Back on Track

My whole life I’ve been exposed to negativity, lower energy vibrations, love, verbal, mental, emotional & spiritual abuse. But it stops now. I am the “J” curve. Any experience or stories that I’ve been told growing up & beliefs that were past down to me, end with me. I know my power & greatness. I am strong, I am power & I am going to make something big in this life. We have only one, we got one shot. To live the life we’ve dreamt of.

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You are Power Poem

You are the Sun that shines through the clouds,

You are only as big & successful as you allow,

You are the Ocean & all its peace,

You are a Goddess ready to be released,

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Self-love Poem

Your goal should be to love yourself,

Conquer all the fears & trauma that you have been dealt,

First step to love yourself is to accept who you are,

Stop denying that’s it’s not your movie & you’re not the star,

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Winter Solstice Poem

When the Sun goes down to rest,

With all the chaos & the mess,

Let your light shine bright,

Throughout the streets & roads at night,

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Moon Poem

When the moon shines it doesn’t care what the stars may say, even after a long night there’s always a new day,

new beginnings & new energy to flow, like the powerful sun when you embrace it you’ll grow,

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Mental Awareness Poem

Let’s talk & learn to listen,

The walls & defense they imprison,

Don’t be so quick to give your opinion,

Learning to communicate is the vision,

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Warrior Theme Poem

I believe in you,

As you should too,

The power you possess,

In your life’s progress,

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Gratitude Poem

When you give a smile, you receive,

More than you can ever believe,

Showing how grateful you are,

Even when your minds at war,

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Giving & Receiving Gifts

Now this love language is pretty cool too. When Gary talks about this one, it’s not about buying your partner a new Dodge Ram 1500 All Wheel Drive with the 4X4 with a lift kit, bush bar with attachable wench, all terrain mud tires, 100 LED light bar etc I could go on & on, although that would be sweet & possibly meaningful but there is something else that they mean.

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Words of Affirmation

Words have so much power. We sometimes fault to see how much power they hold. They literally can build someone up or tear them down. It’s important to identify if this is the love language & start to “speak” it pun intended. Well what does this mean? I tell them that I love them each day is that enough? Is 50 cents enough? Saying you love them may not enough to keep their “love tank” full. 

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Acts of Kindness

The second love language that I want to talk about is Acts of Kindness. It’s pretty self explanatory. You do things because your partner or whomever appreciates it. But you may be confused to what these acts are. Well there’s a limitless list & ideas that you can do to show your love. This love language is about action. About doing something for your loved one that makes them feel good & appreciated.

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Quality Time

When Gary Chapman writes about Quality Time it means all eyes & ears on that person. Your attention is 100% focused on them. Engaging in a experience that will feel that you are loved or giving love. Quality Time is about giving someone your time that you will never get back. Not that we are running out of time but rather, your Time is priceless & you are choosing to give them a piece of your life. 

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The 5 Love Languages

The 5 Love Languages is a book by Gary Chapman. In this book he reveals that we all receive & give love differently.

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The Power of Giving

I just want to bring awareness to the Power of giving. It really affects all our relationships including the one we have with money. There is so much power in this that I want to share with you.

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“She Only”

She only wanted to be shown the love she deserves,

She only wanted to be spoken to, with true loves words,

She only wants to give & create,

She only wanted help to carry this burden of weight,

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Rules: Be on your phone one hour less each day for seven days challenge either before bed, on lunch or when you first wake up.

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Suppressed Child Living In a Adult Body

Back when I was a kid, we didn’t always have the nicest things, we didn’t always have the nicest clothes, we didn’t always go where we wanted to go & do the things that we wanted to do. Why? Because my money story is that, “we can’t afford that,” “why do you need that?” “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, “save your money” & “hoard” it.

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Weird Flex But Okay

Stop “Flexing” because in Reality, on a level you still care about what people think.

If you keep “flexing” & you get some sort of satisfaction from it, you are feeding the ego. When we separate our wants, needs & desires from things, just to be liked, adored or loved, its a dangerous game. 

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The Journey Begins

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou.

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