Mojis Discord Manifesto


The whole Mojis team wants to extend a warm welcome to all of the new members. We are happy you are here, especially in our early stages, which is where the foundation of a lifelong community begins. We can still say; “If you’re reading this right now, you’re early.” But at this rate, it won’t be long before people are going to be late to the Mojis party. So congratulations to all of you in here right now.

Team Toyota & Honda

Have you ever wondered why Toyota & Honda need to interrupt your favourite shows at least 15 times, to remind you that their car is reliable, safe, eco-friendly, and “insert positive car features”. They need to remind you while praying they will get another sale, so you should hurry in today and buy, buy and buy. Why do they do this? The answer is simple: it’s because they have to. Still, confused by what this means? Here is another example. 

Team Lambo & Rarri

Have you ever wondered why Lamborghini & Ferrari have never interrupted your favourite shows to tell you about their iconic supercar? When is the last time you saw a Lamborghini or Ferrari commercial? The answer is never. Lamborghini & Ferrari don’t need to make commercials to remind you about their luxury supercars. Why? You probably guessed it, it’s because they don’t have to.

Real-World Application

When you have a product that you’re not confident in, you have to constantly remind the world how amazing your product is, how it will hold its value, & constantly remind them of all the different utilities and perks, etc. Or, you let the product speak for itself and you relax because a good product doesn’t need ‘1-3 announcements per day to sell. At the commencement of this Mojis project, the team had been in dozens of other projects and we all hated the constant announcements and promising every buzzword known to NFTs. There were/are NFT projects that promise staking, breeding, rebreeding, and Metaverse staking while breeding the 5th generation with the 14 generations; when does this madness stop. And how many of those NFTs are still around? Where are all the Cats, Penguins, Apes & Lions from last year? Our plans with Mojis go beyond the NFT space. We have plans to expand, grow, build and progress, more about this in a later announcement. 

Mojis Vision & Goal

We are Mojis, which means that we are making hand-drawn NFTs, of one the most popular concept on Earth. Think about the endless possibilities of what that means. We made this amazing NFT and now we all continue building. Your valuable ideas are needed. The best & most valuable ideas, we will sponsor and let our community benefit. Imagine being the next Disney in the metaverse with Mojis everywhere. Mojifesto: Develop the first decentralized brand —that inspires, entertains and encourages the community to express their feelings, emotions, ideas or childlike persona; to once again Imagine, Believe, Dare, Do. A brand that revives the child in us and reminds us that it’s okay to feel again, have emotions, be creative & have so much fun.