Cryptocurrency Shiba Slap Listed on Meme-Tools in Exchange for GOATS

Goat listing

Mr Prince’s website gave Shiba Slap a five goat rating compared to Elon Musk’s favored DOGECOIN.

(Press release – Source Shiba Slap) – A new cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain has found itself in a legal battle* after having its token listed on the website.

Shiba Slap ($SLAP) is a new meme token, which had applied to be listed on the new memetools application developed by the DogeBonk token, when it was approached by Mr. Prince, a person promising fortune and a listing on memetools in exchange for two goats.

While not convinced Mr. Prince was an authorized representative of DogeBonk, Shiba Slap arranged for the two goats to be delivered to Mr Prince in good time, only to find that the website Mr Prince had arranged a listing on was in fact not DogeBonk’s

Memetools gives new meme coins a platform for investors to locate and track low cap meme coins with the chance of finding the next DOGECOIN.

Mr Prince’s website gave Shiba Slap a five goat rating compared to Elon Musk’s favored DOGECOIN, which only received a one goat rating due to ‘Mr Mark (sic) not paying any goats despite being the richest man in America’.

When contacted for comment, a representative from Shiba Slap said: “Yes, look we were pleased with the five goat rating, but the website is not what we had in mind when we delivered the goats. Everyone knows that the Dogebonk version is the only one that counts, and we are patiently waiting in line for that listing. In the interim, we have instructed lawyers to draw a petition in the International Court of Arbitration for the return of our goats. Its early days, but our lawyers say we have a good chance of getting at least one back.”

It is not known whether Mr. Prince will defend the lawsuit, or maintain that he delivered what was promised.

A full transcript of the twitter exchange between Shiba Slap and Mr. Prince can be found here:

The latest Meme Tools site is sure to make things interesting, with a rival coin Cheems Inu looking to launch its own version in the coming weeks. Time will tell as to whether the DogeBonk or Cheems Inu version will come out on top, or whether Mr Prince’s version will go down as the Greatest Of All Time.

For updates on the legal battle or further details on this release contact Shiba Slap as follows:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @shiba_slap



*DISCLAIMER – The aforementioned legal battle is satirical.

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