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Taking into account the possibility of improving the platform, the Dogecoin developers propose the creation of new features. For this purpose, the help of the ETH co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, was sought, seeking the implementation of one of the new features proposed.

Proof-of-stake for DOGE

Ever since the new plan to bring more features to the meme cryptocurrency platform was announced, there has been talk of proof-of-stake. With this idea in mind, Vitalik Buterin, from Ethereum, would be taken into account to collaborate soon.

It would be the first time that Dogecoin developers embark on a path with diverse approaches. This, in order to give DOGE a new environment that offers more functions to its users and investors.

In a recent statement, Buterin’s willingness to help implement new features in this structure was noted. The Ethereum co-founder commented that he would collaborate in the development of Dogecoin to add the same function that ETH 2.0 will have.

However, Vitalik Buterin believes that the move towards proof-of-stake would not be “total.” It indicates that the current proof-of-work would continue to be used.

The current system is estimated to provide more than $ 950M annually in rewards for miners.

More Features

In addition to the aforementioned approach, it is planned that the meme cryptocurrency will incorporate improvements in terms of payment systems. In this sense, the Dogecoin developers would try to bring Gigawallet as a contributing API.

On the other hand, it includes the possibility of creating new nodes for DOGE, with a layer 2 sales application. However, the details about this feature are still unknown.

In addition to this, and apart from the proof-of-stake, it is intended to add a development kit, with a new SDK and programming libraries.

From another perspective, the “publicity” support that the DOGE community receives is not yet fully defined. At first, personalities like Elon Musk actively supported the growth of the community, with related posts on social media.

However, on several occasions, he himself classified Dogecoin as a “scam”. The truth is that it seems that this support would be restored in the last season, considering the fact that the platform’s developers wanted to take the digital asset down a more serious path.

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