Ethereum, Dogecoin & Bitcoin – American Wrap 14 December

When will the last Bitcoin be mined and where could BTC price be headed?

Less than 10% of the entire Bitcoin maximum supply now remains, and analysts are expecting the leading cryptocurrency’s scarcity to influence a supply shock which could propel BTC price higher. As the adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are on the rise, analysts are predicting that the long-term price outlook for BTC will reach over six figures. As miners continue to mint new coins, the number of new Bitcoins entering into supply have steadily increased, reaching past the 18.9 million mark, resulting in 90% of all BTC to have been created and released into supply. 

Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP: Cryptos rebound after finding support

Bitcoin price suffered a strong sell-off on Monday, but oscillator values indicate some near-term support is probable. Ethereum price action is generating panic in hodlers and excitement in bears. XRP price has upcoming Kumo Twist, which could point to a temporary or long-term reversal in the current trend.

Dogecoin price avoids catastrophic outlook thanks to Elon Musk

A brief technical and on-chain analysis on Dogecoin price. Here, FXStreet’s analysts evaluate a few indicators that may reveal where DOGE is going next.


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