How will HUH Token outperform canine cryptos from Dogecoin to Dogelon Mars?

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So far, 2021 has been a watershed moment in the cryptocurrency industry, with a rising number of individuals opting to invest in digital currency.

According to the Financial Conduct Authority, 2.3 million adults in the United Kingdom have already invested in bitcoin; however, this figure does not account for the overwhelming number of individuals affected by this currency.

These statistics are massive, and as interest develops, so do the possibilities.

There are other cryptocurrencies available; however, this discussion will concentrate on the intriguing ethos of two in particular: the unique, people-focused ‘HUH Token,’ and the extraterrestrial ‘Dogelon Mars’.


The founder of Dogelon has the ambitious goal of making Mars liveable for humans and establishing a city colony called Dogelon. In a multi-planetary system, interplanetary travel, settlers, planet terraforming, and the creation of an interplanetary currency are all necessary.

As a consequence of this astro-ambition, the decision was made to develop Dogelon, the first interplanetary functional money.


A new cryptocurrency that will be launched soon, on the 6th of December, and is presently available for pre-sale is called HUH Token.

The founders indicate that they want to disrupt the current wealth available in the system and establish a source of income for everyone, which is a very worldly objective that seems to be motivated by benevolence and wealth sharing. This cryptocurrency has a clever and straightforward referral mechanism that is built into their smart contract. This referral system, in principle, has the ability to change the entire sector.

Their new website that was released on the 10th of November has their roadmap, with plans of an NFT market and a social media campaign with 3000 social influencers. The referral concept in play works in this way; if you suggest someone, you will get 10% of their first purchase in BNB. This person then gets a referral code which they can pass on. The wealth distribution continues as you both enjoy a sales tax cut ranging from 20% to 10% on these purchases.

The HUH Token is notable because it provides two revenue sources. The distinct distribution of HUH tokens and BNB seems to represent a high level of security in financial investment.

The cryptocurrency’s developers assert categorically that it is not a get-rich-quick scam. With stability in mind, it seems to be aiming for long-term, optimal future profit. This perception corresponds to their ambition to create generational riches.

HUH Token will launch a large social media marketing campaign with around 3000 social influencers who will post at least once a month advertising this token. This may provide HUH Token with a substantial edge over its rivals, but only time will tell how successful the effort will be in assuring the success of the cryptocurrency. It also seems to be trending with the people-focused initiatives and community perspective that this currency promotes on other social media platforms.

Consider this: Dogelon Mars has an extreme objective, which may be intriguing, even momentum-inducing. However, this is only truly possible if reasonable expectations are set. HUH Token promises an ambitious roadmap that is still in progress, but based on what we know so far, it seems that something more functional than interplanetary space travel is on the cards.

Which is more deserving of our attention: the people or the planets?

Story by Johny Smith 

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