Vikings DogeCoin For Global Communities Announce the Upcoming Release of The Vikings Treasure Hunt Games and Airdrops

TOKYO, JAPAN / ACCESSWIRE / November 10, 2021 / Social currency Vikings Inu is a worldwide platform for communities. On a mission to make complex cryptocurrency ideas easy to understand, Vikings Inu is completely decentralized and seeking to revolutionize the world of digital currencies in one simple project. Created by crypto-enthusiasts the world over, Vikings Inu will be integrating the global community into their official Viking Treasure Hunt game.

The Vikings Multi Airdrop System is a part of the team’s long-term goal. This is a useful tool for delivering airdrops to a large (or small) number of people. It combines several transactions into a few transactions and distributes tokens at little cost. These expenses will be used for either marketing or buying back Vikings tokens.

Airdrops are a type of batch transfer in which a single transaction is performed, perhaps thousands or even millions of times. Vikings will use batch transfers to save time and eliminate errors. They’ll be used when carrying out numerous activities, such as issuing rewards and bounties for successful campaigns, giving tokens away after an ICO or Security Token Offering, and so on.

Vikings have also announced that they will be releasing an upcoming play to earn Vikings treasure hunt game. Vikings Treasure Hunt Game is a game that works completely on the blockchain that allows players to participate as long as they hold a minimum of 10 million Viking Tokens.

The innovative Viking game will make earning crypto enjoyable and community-based. Vikings will enable players to buy Vikings’ doges to protect their ship from other Vikings players. The player will be able to gain 1 move every 30 minutes and can buy bonus moves or upgrade their max moves by holding more tokens.

Vikings will allow their players to be able to grow their land, build houses and defences to improve their productions and these productions will reap Vikings tokens.

The Vikings team gets Vikings and BNB tokens in exchange for selling NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and Powerups to gamers. The Vikings game will be initially 2D before a third dimension is added, running on the BSC Blockchain to be verifiable and fair.

When Vikings release their original blockchain game, each season will last for 1 month and will be reset for ranking, building and the rewards are then calculated back as Vikings tokens to the player accordingly. The players will be rewarded every 30 minutes in Dividends for the Holding in terms of Lands, Ships, Firepower.

In this way, Vikings’ ingenious new gaming system and future airdrop will be uniting users and players on their platform and building a strong community.

About Vikings Inu
Vikings Inu is a completely decentralized project with the goal of making complicated cryptocurrency ideas simple to comprehend. Vikings Inu is seeking to revolutionize the world of digital currencies in one easy project, and it’s entirely decentralized. The global community will be integrated into the official Viking Treasure Hunt game created by crypto-enthusiasts and professionals.

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