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By- Steve Seos

These Dog-based cryptocurrencies are skyrocketing, earning early investors a fortune.

While it’s easy to jump on the bandwagon, Floki Inu’s surge is built on excitement rather than fundamentals. This can lead some people to suggest the hype bubble surrounding the dog is fragile.

It’s important to be objective when examining your investment and there are two potential warning signs for those who are concerned about loss and one potential investment, HUH Token.

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There are a couple of interesting perks presented by this puppy.

According to the whitepaper for Floki Inu, its creators intend to create many self-related projects such as a gaming metaverse, similar to The Sandbox, called Valhalla, and an educational platform appropriately called Floki Inuversity.

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There is also a deal with CyptoCart which allows you to use your Floki Inu coin to shop at over one thousand retailers.

However, these initiatives are unlikely to be the true cause of Floki Inu’s spectacular growth.

Instead of allowing the basics to speak for themselves, the makers of Floki Inu have engaged in, what could be described as, aggressive marketing methods.

The Financial Times has reported that Floki Inu began a huge advertising campaign on London’s underground trains. Plastering their sales and enticing people’s fear, specifically regarding the incredible and sharp rise of Dogecoin. Attempting to instigate concerns of missing out.

Regarding sharp rises-

Puppy Power

Floki Inu currently has a market cap of over two billion dollars and since June has had a total percentage increase of nearly six thousand percent according to statistics from coinmarketcap.com.

The meme-hungry cryptocurrency community seems to rally behind two unofficial mascots: Elon Musk – Tesla’s CEO, and the Inu dog breed. Floki’s developers fall into this perfect recipe for fame. Floki snatched their title as the Technoking of Tesla declared the name of his fated child on June the 25th.

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Due to its well-placed name and securing a position on one of Ethereum’s Uniswap; their decentralised exchange platform. Floki Inu was able to stand out from the litter.

Numbers talk and Floki Inu’s incredible rise can be partly attributed to the masses fearing they could miss the next big millionaire maker.

The Financial Times has reported that Floki Inu began a huge advertising campaign on London’s underground trains.Unsplash

Dirty Dogs

Scammers like cryptocurrency because it usually falls outside of existing financial laws, and its built-in anonymity and privacy, which can make it easier to avoid legal repercussions.

There is no hard and provable evidence, and this is just speculation, to say that Floki Inu has dishonest intentions. But with the recent controversy over the Squid Game Token, you can never be too careful. With the platform’s choice of a hype-driven rally and aggressive advertising techniques anyone would be suspicious.

Sus – HUH?

An up-and-coming MEME in the market is the HUH Token. This novel cryptocurrency has recently gone into a pre-sale and has announced its release on the 6th of December.

It’s Multi-chain launch will be available on Pancake Swap and Uniswap.

Over 10,000 deposits have been received so far. This was causing delays in clients receiving their receipts. Their Telegram was swamped with inquiries and accusations, but their staff responded quickly and effectively.

They have been praised online for their forthright and honest customer service which is open to most dialogue.

The coin has been termed a ‘Utimeme’ token by its designers.

They have mentioned a dual cryptocurrency distribution scheme that allows investors to claim BNB (Binance Coin) after sharing a unique referral code. When a new person you referred uses the unique code, you can get 10% of their initial investment as BNB.

HUH Token, like the vast majority of cryptocurrencies, has no immediately discernible value, yet that hasn’t stopped them from experiencing massive pre-launch demand.

Once again, highlighting the reality, we are dealing with pure speculation, you can only stop and wonder whether we will be discussing HUH Token’s billion-dollar surge next month.

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