Elon Musk chooses ‘Time’ over Dogecoin as ‘Ultimate Currency’, leaves netizens confused

Everything that the CEO of Tesla does or speaks becomes the most influential statement. Recently, Elon Musk wrote something on his official Twitter handle, which left millions to wonder his motive behind it. On 3rd September, He tweeted, “Time is the ultimate currency”. This simple tweet made headlines as earlier, Elon admitted Dogecoin as the most robust cryptocurrency. Elon is also renowned in the digital world as the foster father of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, which emerged as a parody in the year 2013 but has now grown by 11,000 percent owing to Elon. 

Take a look at the tweet: 

More about the Tweet

Following the tweet, more than 62k individuals have retweeted it, and the post has received around 410.9k likes. With various comments, netizens were trying to deduce what the post meant and what Elon planned to do next. One of the users has commented, “considering currencies are typically transferable, not sure time would qualify”, while another comically said, “I wonder if there’s any crypto named $time so that we can pump and dump after this tweet”. The third wrote, “You’re right, time is the most precious of everything”. While a YouTuber, Matt Wallace who deals with Dogecoin and Crypto said, “Idk Elon.. I mean I gotta say #Dogecoin is the ultimate currency”, whereas, the anchor and Producer from OANN Morning News, Stephanie Myers asked, “What crypto should I invest in?”  

Check some of the comments: 

Previous remarks of Elon Musk on Dogecoin

Previously, Elon Musk has stated that dogecoin is the “strongest” cryptocurrency currently in use as a means of trade. On August 14, Musk supported fellow billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban’s statement regarding dogecoin. Mark Cuban, a longtime admirer of dogecoin, had stated that it is the greatest cryptocurrency as a means of trade. Following Cuban’s remark, Elon Musk came out to declare the same. 

During an interview with CNBC, Cuban stated that the dogecoin community is the strongest in using it as a trade method. The billionaire marketed the coin even harder and praised its benefits. Cuban also added that since allowing dogecoin as payment for items in March, the Dallas Mavericks, an NBA club owned by him, has seen significant sales. “I’ve been saying this for a while,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to Cuban’s claims on Twitter. Musk’s backing for the coin was reaffirmed in the tweet. 

Musk had previously stated that the coin’s increase in value over the previous year had pleased him. On the other hand, the cryptocurrency community has been dubious of Musk and Cuban’s vision for dogecoin; they consider it to be highly volatile and more difficult to use than other cryptocurrencies. 

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