sayBLOWE Uses Chainlink Oracles to Unite Hip-Hop x NFTs.

sayBLOWE X Chainlink unite Hip-Hop X NFTS

sayBLOWE creates NFT campaigns to advance Hip Hop culture NFTs. The new NFT revenue stream for all Hip Hop artists is built by sayBLOWE.

Satoshi Nakamoto was definitely a Hip-Hop head. If you are creating a new monetary system for the people, who have been failed by the old system, you listen to Hip-Hop, I bet C.R.E.A.M is his go to.”

— Matt Barnes

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 12, 2021 / — sayBLOWE creates NFT campaigns to advance Hip Hop culture through smart contract innovations. sayBLOWE builds on the foundation of Hip Hop rather than a specific function of NFTs, i.e., music, digital art, royalties, etc. This key differentiation allows the project to utilize all current and future use-cases of NFTs in the pursuit of the ultimate fan inclusion opportunities. The explosive new project has positioned itself as the catalyst of a new NFT revenue stream for all Hip Hop artists—sayBLOWE is pioneering the market of ‘NON-FUNGIBLE FLYNESS’.

sayBLOWE is excited to announce our primary benchmark has been completed, which leverages Chainlink’s market-leading oracle network to create the dynamic Hip Hop NFTs on This initial ERC-721 is a unique digital asset created by acclaimed artist Dale Edwin Murray (@demillustration). The imaginative art piece digitally depicts the musician Kendrick Lamar and is a dynamic NFT, meaning it’s updated with real-world information that alters how the community values and interacts with it.

Mr. Lamar’s consistent authenticity and creativity throughout his career were considered when choosing the first artist to be immortalized on the Ethereum blockchain. When Mr. Lamar releases music, it is a worldwide event. sayBLOWE creates an outlet for fans to add value to the rap game by rewarding fans for rating specific skills of rap artists and contributing to the artist’s overall rating. sayBLOWE’s dynamic NFTs is the first project to bridge the threshold of fans to stakeholders. sayBLOWE is the blockchain home for the Hip Hop community to connect with their favorite artists on a deeper level than a tweet, or a stream, bridging the threshold from fans to stakeholders.

sayBLOWE chose to leverage Chainlink oracles as a means of connecting the NFT to high-quality external data sources since the blockchain cannot interact with the outside world by itself. Chainlink oracles will relay Kendrick Lamar’s official Youtube subscriber and Twitter follower counts, which will combine with community ratings to produce an overall score that will live on the blockchain, be constantly updated, and be tied directly to the NFT.

We selected Chainlink because their existing oracle infrastructure makes it easy to retrieve any data source and connect it to the blockchain in a secure and reliable manner, ensuring that each sayBLOWE dynamic NFT reflects the most accurate and up-to-date data on a specific artist.

Now that it’s possible to have a decentralized, dynamic rating for every Hip Hop artist built by the people, the question is, how can the people benefit from their efforts? sayBLOWE Founder and Culture Curator, Matt Barnes, has ambitious plans for what happens next, “Now the fun begins. We have an exciting announcement coming soon that’s going to turn every artist into their own brand and every one of their fans into an investor.”

The dynamic rating NFTs are just one item on the sayBLOWE menu. The ‘Non-Fungible Flyness’ project is simultaneously releasing details about their ‘LOUD’ NFT Campaigns, which will also leverage Chainlink oracles in new ways. Stay up-to-date with our social media channels for more information on upcoming developments.

sayBLOWE LOUD NFT campaigns are the blueprint for Hip-Hop industry NFTs. Mr. Barnes explains, “When we are talking to record labels, independent artists, fans, and song managers, they all identify the need for innovative opportunities to engage with each other. sayBLOWE exists to create these opportunities. That’s the question we consistently come back to when creating campaigns with artists: What do your fans value? Then it’s our job to create that value through NFTs, and always in that order.”

Chainlink oracles will be an integral component of LOUD NFT campaigns, which will each be groundbreaking in their own right. Legendary Hip-Hop artists, active or not, have dedicated fan bases deserving of fun, inclusive, and profitable NFT experiences. Because sayBLOWE is not committed to making only one type of NFT, artists can use NFT technology to its full potential. Fans should expect their favorite artists’ LOUD NFT campaigns to amplify every aspect of the fan experience while increasing/retaining value.

If you see the beginnings of a new NFT empire, Barnes, the 39-year old former Artist and Venue manager, thinks it is a natural fit. “Satoshi was definitely a Hip-Hop head. If you are creating a new monetary system for the people, the people who have been failed by the old system, then there’s only one music genre you listen to. I picture Satoshi nodding to C.R.E.A.M while typing up the whitepaper.”

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About sayBLOWE

sayBLOWE creates NFT campaigns to advance Hip-Hop culture

through smart contract innovation. sayBLOWE’s foundation of

Hip-Hop rather than a specific function of NFTs i.e. (music,

visuals, royalties) allows us to utilize all current and future uses of

NFT’s in the pursuit of the ultimate fan inclusion opportunities.

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