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Crypto Culture is celebrating Juneteenth and Black Music Month by shinning a spotlight on Hip Hop legend Nasir Jones aka “Nas”. He is taking advantage of the freedom our ancestors fought for. Embracing the power of ownership and thriving on his financial freedom path. So much so in crypto, 2021 saw him transition into “Cryptocurrency Scarface” with his million dollar Coinbase boss moves.

Since 1994 Nas has released 12 studio albums that have been certified platinum and multi-platinum. When his name is spoken it’s usually spoken alongside the names of Jay Z, Andre 3000, Eminem, B.I.G. and Tupac. As you can see by the names that accompany his when speaking on Hip Hop legends, he is well deserving to be considered by many as the G.O.A.T. But Nas’s legacy doesn’t just remain in the hip hop industry, he is creating an entire legacy outside of music.

Along with other rappers like the late great Nispey Hustle, Nas has been championing the future of crypto for years. In 2014 he did an interview with Coindesk where he said  “Bitcoin will evolve into an industry is big, if not bigger than the internet”. He knew 7 years ago just how big Bitcoin would be, he was speaking on its potential when it was less than $2,000. This year its all time high was over $60,000.

The year prior to his interview in 2013, his Queensbridge Venture company invested into Coinbase, which was valued between $100- $200 million at the time. By the time Coinbase went public in 2021 it is reported that Nas himself made over an estimated $100 million on the first day of NASDAQ listing. His initial investment was anywhere up to 500k, meaning his knowledge of cryptocurrency returned 19,900% gains in less than a decade. Queensbridge itself has invested in numerous companies, so Coinbase isn’t Nas’s only move. They have invested in Dropbox, Casper, FanDuel, Parachute, Lyft, and Genius. Let’s just take a moment to shout out Kevin Durant for his crypto moves as well, along with Nas he was an also early investor in Coinbase.

Nas really is a Crypto pioneer for The Hip Hop community. He’s not only only paving the way, he’s showing the way. He proudly embraces the future he see’s in crypto.

With Nas being an artist at heart, of course he talks about his Coinbase investment in his music. His new song with Jay Z and DJ Khaled called “Sorry Not Sorry” is where he established his crypto persona. He uses his lyrics to speak his truth to the collective, and to encourage them to keep pushing forward until we are all on.

“Till we all on, never fall off, hear a boss talk, you don’t hear me? That’s your loss. Winner in life, f*** a coin toss…I’m Coinbased, cryptocurrency Scarface”

Of course not everyone is going to see the positive in this verse. Even though he has been speaking on cryptocurrency’s future for years, and his crypto moves have made him millions, a few have responded negatively to his self-proclaimed title of “Cryptocurrency Scarface”.

And my favorite…

This is my favorite because it revealed a lot to me. I noticed this energy was mostly coming from the younger generation of Hip Hop. The entire song is a vibe for me because once I got settled into my 30s… investing and intermitting fasting became life. None of that existed in my twenties. What they haven’t learned yet, everyone & everything evolves. With time our life experiences allow our perceptions to evolve. We have no choice but to evolve if we want generational wealth for the collective.

Nas through his music and investments is trying to show us a different way to evolve as a culture. He is showing one way crypto can be used to create wealth. Nas is definitely leading by example and applying pressure for the rest of us to get on. For the negative comments out there…we turn to the book of J. Cole “If you clowning on a millionaire and you broke, jokes on you” – Applying Pressure

We owe it to the culture to continue pushing forward and evolving…”til we all on, never fall off”

Knowledge Is Power. Continue to learn about crypto’s financial freedom opportunities, as well as what Juneteenth symbolizes to you. For me its the freedom we have to educate ourselves and evolve. “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” – Malcom X

Happy Juneteenth and Happy Black Music Month\ What is Juneteenth?
DJ Khaled “Sorry Not Sorry”

– Crypto Culture


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