Another big step for SaTT project: Listing on HitBTC

Ever since its launch, the Smart Advertising Transaction Token, popularly abbreviated as SaTT, has been garnering a lot of attention. It has managed to create a lot of ripples worldwide for ushering in transparency, competence, and a non-custodial gateway. With its launch on HitBTC, one of the best crypto exchange platforms on the bloc.

SaTT is a blockchain-based advertising product that aims to quantify the performance of advertising campaigns the world over. By connecting advertisers to publishers, such as social media influencers and anyone with an audience on social networks, SaTT allows them to get paid for their content depending on the level of engagement in the form of views, likes, share, and comments, automatically, transparently and in seconds. The solution is already available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube and their “Proof-of-concept” campaign should start within a few days. An event to watch closely.

Why is SaTT Gaining So Much Popularity?

In catering to the world of digital advertising, SaTT has revolutionized the industry itself by providing an array of blockchain-based products. SaTT’s dApp offers lower costs and decentralized governance, along with the benefits of instant payment and relevant statistics. This solves some of the most common yet unaddressed problems of the advertising industry – high fees, delayed payments, centralized governance, and lack of transparency.

The SaTT Smart Contract improves the relationship between advertisers and content creators, providing the much-needed pillars of trust and efficiency to support them. While offering a range of international publishers without the intervention of any middlemen to advertisers and guarantee against fraud to publishers. Therefore, campaign creation and monetization can take place seamlessly through one platform itself, bringing together all stakeholders of the giant market that content creation has become today.

SaTT on HitBTC : Great development need great liquidity

By getting listed on one of the most popular and world-class cryptocurrency exchange platforms HitBTC, SaTT has added another feather to its cap.

You can now trade SaTT with BTC & USDT pairs on HitBtc. 

The crypto exchange HitBTC boasts of over 1600 markets (trading pairs) catering to exchange, custodial, and other related services. The platform has a “Great” TrustPilot score, besides doing much better than other exchanges in terms of transparency and reliability. HitBTC offers a range of APIs to leverage, ranging from REST and WebSocket to FIX API. Its interesting UI takes into consideration the requirements of even the most demanding and sophisticated traders, which makes it a popular platform among various tiers of users. The world’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchange’s latest total volume stands at about $2.6 billion, with Tether, Bitcoin, USDC, Ethereum, and Dai dominating the exchange sphere.

Charting the Future

The announcement of the collaboration between SaTT and one of the leading crypto exchanges, HitBTC, bodes well for the development of the project. HitBTC is, after all, one of the first exchanges in the market to introduce rapid powerful API, automated trading tools, and algo traders, and is set to grow considerably over time due to its unmatched trading experience. With the kind of popularity SaTT has been able to gather so far and the buzz around its upcoming projects, this partnership is big news indeed for blockchain enthusiasts the world over. 

Next big step for SaTT according to their roadmap, the proof of concept of the solution on the BSC!

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