Dvision Network To Launch Limited-Edition NFT Characters At OpenSea Auction

Dvision Network, a blockchain-based VR ecosystem, and marketplace has revealed the upcoming launch of five limited-edition NFT characters – available for release later this month at auction. Here’s more about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and all about Dvision Network’s plan for the future of NFTs.

All About NFTs, Dvision Network, And The Future Of Blockchain-Based VR Content

The NFT (non-fungible token) trend has exploded to incredible heights, capturing the interest of entertainers, athletes, entrepreneurs, artists, and of course, collectors and investors of all kinds. Innovation is everywhere, but Dvision Network has been in development since 2020, trying to put it far ahead of the competition with ambitious goals. 

Dvision Network isn’t like other NFT marketplaces. Instead of focusing on blockchain-based VR content, it has three pillars that power the company’s proprietary virtual reality experience. VR-Market is an NFT marketplace where users can create and trade unique items. VR-Space then lets users further customize the virtual space around them. Finally, VR-City is a collection of individual users’ VR-Space, which is fully open to the public VR world where users can interact with one another and explore the Dvision Metaverse.

Dvision Network To Debut Five Limited Edition NFTs On OpenSea This Month

Ahead of this futuristic VR ecosystem’s launch, Dvision Network has revealed the pre-release of limited edition NFT characters designed exclusively for the unique VR NFT experience. Only five of these ultra-rare pre-release limited edition characters will be offered, auctioned off one at a time at NFT marketplace OpenSea

The limited-edition characters will represent the most renowned celebrities in the cryptocurrency sector, including avatar prototypes, additional NFT assets, and more which are usable in the Dvision Metaverse in the future or traded on secondary markets.

Purchasing the NFTs is also subject to DVI token incentives. DVI, the utility token of the Dvision Network, was recently listed on Bithumb Korea after winning the leading exchange’s native “BTC Open” competition, where it outranked other top tokens.

Learn More About The Future Of VR And NFTs

The limited-edition NFTs are only a glimpse into what DVI and Dvision Network are capable of. “We intend to supply these sort of unique NFT items to the prospective Dvision Network users in order add the fun elements to their gamified metaverse ecosystem experience and to let them play joyfully, surfing across the virtual reality and open-world via the usage of the celebrity characters,” explained Eom Jung-hyun, CEO of Dvision Network. 

This five limited edition NFT characters will be auctioned off on NFT marketplace OpenSea. To learn more about this one-of-a-kind opportunity and to follow the latest updates on the upcoming VR ecosystem from Dvision Network, check out the company’s official social pages below.

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