Lepricon Channels Luck of the Irish with St. Paddy’s Day Launch

Gaming is the first industry that will utilize blockchain technology to empower its community of users, an essential aspect of Lepricon’s blockchain gaming platform. Using in-game currencies, verifiably scarce items, and Defi principles, Lepricon is innovating in the space to reimagine the gaming experience, including how users can benefit monetarily from this new style of gaming. 

To bring a little extra luck to its platform and users, Lepricon will launch on St. Patrick’s day, with its L3P token opening for trade on Uniswap. Lepricon has already garnered massive interest from the blockchain space, closing their seed and private fundraising rounds in a matter of days. When all was said and down, the whitelisting process was over seven times oversubscribed, showing the huge potential value users see from this project. But why so much hype? Let’s get into it below.

DeFi and Gaming Are a Match Made in Heaven

Lepricon introduces a Defi-based prediction market gaming universe to the blockchain, allowing users to receive the full value of all in-game transactions. Lepricon was developed by some of the top experts in the gaming and distributed ledger technology industry, with the executive officers maintaining over 100 years of collective experience. Unlike most new blockchain projects, Lepricon focuses on the transparency of their development team, showing the world who is behind the project and the experience they bring to the table.

Decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens have taken off recently, with Defi generating billions in daily transaction volume and NFTs contributing hundreds of millions of dollars of monthly sales on their own. Lepricon is much more than a Defi platform, however, as its core business is games with a more robust and value-enhancing underlying infrastructure. Josh Galloway, the CEO of Lepricon, explains this thought processing, stating, “Gamers understand in-game currencies and rare and unique game items. It’s easy to lead them from there to cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Once they are playing games with our in-game currency, L3P, then we can introduce them to the Defi elements of the platform and show them how to swap and stake it.” This ingenious introduction method is sure to bring curious and astute gamers to the Lepricon platform.

When it comes to having fun while advancing the financial future of players, Lepricon covers all bases. With a mobile-focused platform, the medium of choice for many gamers, Lepricon offers “hyper-casual and fun gaming” with core Defi elements and the ability to stake in liquidity pools. This keeps the Lepricon ecosystem running while providing entertaining and productive products to its users. 

Gearing Up for Launch

The first blockchain-based game that will be available on the Lepricon platform is a card prediction game called KQJ. KQJ rewards players for correctly guessing the next card that will be turned over. There is a twist though; as more people play and the value supply grows, winners will be able to gain access to a pool of Bitcoin at a discounted price. If someone wins three times in a row, they can choose to purchase Bitcoin at the predetermined locked-in discount price, offering additional prizes on top of what is won with each turn.

KQJ is just the beginning for Lepricon, as the development team is working hard to release a new game every quarter following the official launch of its first iteration. Lepricon is also making advances on non-gaming fronts, such as partnerships to provide greater value to its user base. An example of this is Lepricon’s recent partnership with Defi platform MANTRA DAO, allowing L3P owners to immediately stake their tokens following the token listing on Uniswap. As a “community-driven and player-owned gaming economy”, this is just the beginning for Lepricon as it pushed forward in the blockchain gaming sector.

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