How FinNexus Is Mainstreaming Decentralized Crypto Options

FinNexus is a cross-chain decentralized options platform with pooled liquidity, currently live on Ethereum and Wanchain. Its options protocol is built to be universal and possibly include any underlying assets, including crypto assets, commodities, fiat currencies, stocks and even indexes from traditional finance. Users may effectively protect or appreciate crypto wealth with its decentralized option products.

Boosting User Returns and Increasing Liquidity Pools

With millions of dollars already locked across FinNexus dApps, there’s a lot FinNexus plans to do to increase its market share. Even though they already make it easier than ever to buy and exercise options on BTC, ETH, LINK, SNX, and MKR, the team is pushing upgrade after upgrade.

One of their best new implementations is the latest mining mechanism, allowing users to combine FNX and USDC/USDT when mining, thus boosting returns. The boosting effect can go as high as 320x, leading to a 2000% APY on the FPO platform. This development will add depth to the network’s liquidity, giving it the strength to move forward and innovate. In order to create a larger reward pool and boost overall platform liquidity, FinNexus is also adding USDT as a collateral option, allowing USDT holders to participate in the ecosystem for the first time.

The team will further introduce a new wanUSDT pool to mirror the Ethereum pool but on Wanchain. Adding USDT, the largest stablecoin, to both iterations, with an industry topping $26.6 billion market capitalization, will open up more liquidity opportunities for many new investors. 

Moreover, according to a proposal already passed on FinNexus snapshot, an experimental $Frax pool is also to be added to the options protocol.

This should coincide with a boost in Total Value Locked (TVL) on the platform, as well as an increase in usage in the FinNexus Protocol for Options (FPO). This is because having more value locked entails an easier experience when trading options and more transaction fees generated for the network, which then rewards FNX holders.

More Yields, More Users

These upgrades will give users more choices as to where they want to provide liquidity, while FinNexus is poised to earn higher yields from option premiums. 

Introducing another non-volatile asset in the form of a stablecoin will not incur multi-coin risks, a rarity within the cryptocurrency space. Buyers can buy options with customized terms according to the needs, without worrying about the liquidity problems and price slippage. 

That FinNexus is revamping its user experience and interface designs is just the icing on the cake. This will deliver a simplified trading experience and facilitate the new mining mechanism for deployment.

Plans for the Future

The team has a lot more planned for the future. To get more DeFi community members involved, FinNexus is currently hosting an airdrop campaign, giving the equivalent of 1068 FNX to 500 selected addresses based on predetermined parameters. 

These tokens allow participants to join in three months of mining in the FPO platform, a significant bonus. The rewards can be further increased to a 2000% APY, accompanied by stablecoins contributions and lockup boost.

FinNexus also has goals to fully relocate its liquidity mining on SushiSwap, create an experimental pool with algorithmic stablecoins, and complete a proposal for an FNX token burn that would drastically reduce the total supply.

With the goals of increasing TVL, adding liquidity, attracting traders, and boosting platform stability, FinNexus is working towards providing the best conditions possible to attract more users to its platform and grow in lockstep with the DeFi sector.

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