Gasify: Aggregator app to level up the Gas Farming hype

Ethereum Gas, Gas Farming, and Gasify

Gasify, brought to by the successful team behind Ethanol Token, is here to help uses not only eliminate the loss of profit due to ETH Gas Fess but to actually help users turn those gas fees into pure profit! Gasify will provide tools to maximize rewards in addition to bonus cash back on the rewards users are earning from ETH Gas cashback projects. Gas Farming is quickly becoming one of the fastest ways to earn in cryptocurrency and the DeFi space. Gasify will be the leader in this space by helping to simplify the process and maximize the returns.

The cryptocurrency market is on a parabolic rise. In 2021, the world witnessed a mammoth surge in the prices of Bitcoin, Ether, and several Altcoins. According to Coindesk, Ether itself jumped up to an all-time high value of $1743 from last year’s max price range of about $700.

With rising Ether prices came another problem of surging Ethereum transaction prices or ‘Gas Prices’.  More users transacting on the network due to climbing Ether prices resulted in high gas prices and discouraged some users with small transaction value or users with a high number of transactions to not utilize the network or eventually pay much higher gas fees than usual.

As the famous English proverb goes, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, hence paved the way for a new era of ‘Gas Farming’. There are many ‘Gas Tokens’ in the market now which help crypto users to get rewards or cashback, in their own respective tokens, on the Ethereum gas spend. Users can stake and farm their tokens for a specific time period to earn reward tokens. It’s a win-win situation as the user get’s refund on the gas fees in addition to the rewards for farmed tokens.

Gas farming is booming nowadays, as more and more people are riding the crypto wave, especially on the Ethereum network. The market cap for Gas tokens accumulatively has increased from $2 million USD to $30 million USD in just 2 months time frame. This crazy potential of the Gas market has given rise to many ‘Gas based tokens’.

An upcoming project, GASIFY, is on its way to accelerating the Gas Farming potential. Gasify (GSF) is an aggregator app that would enable its users to manage and farm their ‘Gas based tokens’. This project is by the developer team of the famous Ethanol Token (ENOL). Ethanol has provided a whopping return of ‘15x’ to its presale investors and has rewarded about $1.5 million worth of ENOL tokens. Ethanol was the first ‘Gas based tokens’ and has offered the crypto users a great way to enhance their ROI with Gas farming.

Gasify plans to be the one-stop solution for Gas farming, where users can earn extra rewards besides farming their existing tokens. Gasify vaults will provide up to 40% monthly returns, referrals will qualify for $500 worth of airdrop, and up to 5% rewards on token purchase of referred users. Besides all the perks, Gasify will provide free AI bot assistance to guide the users in maximizing their ROI. Also, the platform will offer a token listing page where all the analytics of the ‘Gas based tokens’ and related information can be utilized to make better investment decisions.

Gas-based tokens and Gas farming has a huge potential for the times to come. The rising adoption of Ethereum based technology and other cryptos will only carry this trend forward. Crypto world is continually offering new and creative ways for its users to adopt the technology while making sure that maximum monetary gains are achieved.



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