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Popular British incubator DAO Maker, which got its popularity following its unique token sale model Strong Hold Offering (SHO), gives users some level of protection and projects high level sought after community members who are expected to become long term believers of the participating project, is taking on it’s first-ever public sales exclusive to 100 members of its DAO community in the form of work drop. Following the conclusion and success of the private sale round, the company is ready to launch its public sales and airdrop in a bid to appreciate the community that has stayed supportive for the past years.

Reward for Loyalty

DAO Maker growth over the years is due to a strong and loyal community base, the kind needed for a project to thrive. DAO Maker will reward the best community crontributors with the opportunity to get the $DAO token allocation and airdrop before secondary market listings. Only the top 100 contributors in the DAO Maker social mining platform ranking list can participate in the workdrop and they must have to go through the KYC process on the DAO Maker platform. The token allocation will be based on a tier system.

Tier Ranking for Allocation

The exclusive option will be given to the top 1-7 community contributors to purchase the DAO Maker tokens and each will receive a 10,000 $DAO airdrop. The top 8-49 will receive a 10,000 $DAO workdrop each, while the top 50-100 will receive 5,000 $DAO airdrop each.

Tier Sizes

Each tier will be apportioned the following sizes;

  • Top 1-3 will receive 10,000 $DAO airdrop plus option to purchase an additional 30,000 $DAO tokens.
  • Top 4-7 will receive 10,000 $DAO plus an additional option to purchase 10,000 $DAO.
  • Top 8-49 will each receive a 10,000 $DAO workdrop with no option to purchase.
  • Top 50-100 gets 5,000 $DAO each.

KYC requirement

Users who wish to participate in the exclusive public sales and airdrop must complete their KYC before 9 February 2021, 0:00 UTC to be eligible to receive and participate. After which the KYC submission will be closed, followed closely is the scheduling of the plan purchase of the top 1-7 users and airdrop for the top 100 users.

Users are hereby required to complete their KYC on the DAO Maker Platform and followed their communication channel to stay tune.

Note from the DAO Maker team: “The  social mining ranking is not final as the DAO Maker team will check each participant individually to ensure that they stay complaint to the rules

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