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Welcome to the start of your path on your financial journey. This site is just the seed on your journey. Doesn’t matter if this is your first step on this path, or you’ve been on and off for a while…just don’t let this be your last stop. Keep researching, Cryptocurrency (blockchain technology) is still within its infancy so don’t think this a quick come up. No this is about the wealth of a legacy; this is about a shift in mindset. You can feel it in the air, every now and then you hear something about it. And lately its all in your face.

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Home: Landing page for latest blogs and “How to” walkthroughs for those on their financial freedom path.

HipHop & Crypto: Summaries of news articles that have been shared with us showing the connection between Hip Hop and Crypto.

News: Latest News in the Blockchain sector

Dogecoin: This page is temporary.  These are the latest news articles on Dogecoin. DOGE investing is everywhere right now. You should always research what your investing in. Also check other pages for more info. Keep researching further once you leave this page.

Intellectual Properties (LAW): A work or invention that is the result of creativity.

This section is where we have learned something about crypto and blockchain and summarized that knowledge as best we could. This is shared power, that we encourage you to keep growing and sharing. Be engaged in the generational wealth that comes with knowledge. And never forget Knowledge is Power

Regulation: Political News on the Blockchain sector.

Prices: Current price performance for top 100 Blockchain/Crypto tickers.

More About US

Nipsey Hussle was on to this movement in 2013 and started to share this knowledge before his untimely transition. The knowledge, wisdom, and light Nipsey provided to his family, community, and culture cannot be ignored. His light lives on in his movements. You will see his perspective on crypto throughout this site. He inspired this site and our desire to assist in the mindset shift.  Nipsey was apart of this movement in 2013, so I feel like even in spirit he was/is an ambassador of this movement. An XXL interview he had in 2018 called “Nipsey’s Guide to Cryptocurrency” I came across, this site was born. When I read “The hip-hop culture shouldn’t be left out like we always are… Our influence is leveraged, but we’re always left out until it’s too late.” I didn’t see one lie.

…We’re always left out until it’s too late. That’s why I thought it was important to be involved as an entrepreneur and to be vocal and bring it to the hip-hop consciousness, so that people who have resources and assets available can participate.” – XXL

Read More: A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency, According to Nipsey Hussle – XXL 

If we have any say in it. This culture will not be left behind. We will learn and share on as many platforms as we can. There’s no telling how many more people would have been inspired by Nipsey’s perspective on blockchain technology should he had lived. But it doesn’t stop with him.

You can’t escape the energy around the financial mindset shift in this culture. More and more it is in your face, wherever you go someone is talking about it. And social media won’t allow you to escape it. Even your favorite youtuber brings it up. One way or another Stocks or Bitcoin (Crypto) is mentioned. As time passes you hear more, and you become more curious. And even if you say no that doesn’t apply to you, you are here reading this. No matter which path you took, it led you here. You’re on the same journey.

The culture is picking up the pulse of the movement. Our paths are aligning, and as our mindsets are shifting, we become more mindful of our actions. Nipsey and Hip-Hop Icon Nas were/are pioneers in this movement. Crypto and Financial mindfulness are growing within the culture, there are so many ambassadors encouraging the shift in the mindset of this culture.  

This site will provide articles on the connection between the Hip Hop culture and information on Blockchain technology. As we grow and learn more about this technology, we will share that info here. Crypto Culture is all about being a resource on your path to financial growth. Treat this site as a seed…

Even if you go no further, we have done our part by planting the seeds. And we don’t need a science degree to know seeds are the initial start of growth. The seed for financial wealth, the creation of a legacy, the abundant shift of prosperity has been planted. Keep doing your research, keep nourishing this seed with the thirst of knowledge. Check out the ambassadors for financial growth when this culture that we listed below. Find who resonated with you, who aligns with your path and let the shift continue….

Just a few ambassadors who inspired and are a resource for our growth:

WallStreet Trapper

Chris Sain

Kenan Grace

Earn Your Leisure

From CryptoCulture.info we claim abundance for you and your community. We encourage you to share your info or provide the info of an ambassador. Remember you become an ambassador the moment you share with your community or here. You’re assisting and playing your part in this positive abundant shift for the culture. With us, this culture will not be left behind.

–  CryptoCulture

Note for Critics: Please share your knowledge on the subject. Tell us about what knowledge you have gained on your financial freedom path. We all have our own experiences and have our own views. Find a way to share it that knowledge in a positive way. If you know a good ambassador that resonates more with you….please share it in the comments.

We encourage healthy discussions, its the only way to grow as a collective. Keep and open mind and we can all do our part in the shift. If you see anything on the articles that you don’t agree with, instead of commenting something negative just provide your source or thoughts for each of us to continue on this path in our journey.

Summary: This site is for informative information and positive energy only. If what you have to offer doesn’t align with that…share it on another site. Thank you

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